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These are the things I'll be working on once I win the lottery. All of them are personal projects that I've been developing for some time now.

…more coming soon…


Magic has returned to the world, and ancient and long-dormant evils are loosed onto the world. A groups of scientists, empowered my magickal gemstones must rid the world of resurrected evils while restoring a dying planet…

My most personal project, combining science and magic, mystery and mayhem, and friendship and romance. Some images of the characters are available in the Sketches section of this site.


Armed with the finest high-tech gadgets that money can buy (at Radio Shack), and dressed in the most tasteful outfits their creators will allow, Double Dare is a sci-fi Thelma and Louise meets James Bond. Set on a disparate future vision of Earth, two sexy young women, Terra and Alexa, find themselves on the run from the law…

A supremely fun series I've begun to develop with Jeff Kwan and Marcel Trenchard, combining science-fiction, sarcasm, and sex.


The king is dead! Long live the king! When the High King and the Royal Family are assassinated, the kingdom is thrown into turmoil, with two princes struggling for the throne. The royal families are torn apart as the land prepares for war.

This medieval fantasy drawing in the manga style is still in its early stages. A tale of intrigue and deception, of new-found friendship and betrayal, of royal lineage and loss.

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