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I worked with the guys at Infinite Ventures during their revival of their Shadowgate and Deja Vu adventure games. I worked on a variety of projects including the online illustrated hint guide, designing characters for upcoming games, and creating an online comic featuring the characters of the game Shadowgate Rising.

I had a great time working with Art Director Dave Marsh; Karl Roelofs, who along with Dave, created the Shadowgate world; and Eugene Evans, President of Infinite Ventures.


I was responsible for much of the production art including the hint guide, t-shirt, and nearly all the art at the official website:


Strictly speaking, Raven is part of the Shadowgate Universe, but so much of my effort went into creating this lead for the unpublished game Shadowgate Rising, that I wanted to note her seperately. You can view her online comic at the Shadowgate website.


An adventure game in the same style as Shadowgate, this one used a film-noir theme. I did the box art and all the website art:

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