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Created by Mike Gray, Bear Hans is a gun-toting secret agent bear whose warped sense of justice often causes more problems than he solves.

A fantastically funny concept, aided in part by phenomenal voice acting, made this a hit with anyone who watched it.

The trailer was completed in about a week. Mike and I worked on direction; I also did much of the titling as well as storyboarding, art, and animation.


An action figure comes to life and what starts off as a fun adventure becomes a deadly game.

This was created as a star vehicle for Carmen Electra. Jeff Kwan and I compromised some elements from our Plastique series and modified them for Carmen.


Three's Company meets The X-Files in medieval Europe! A monk, Incitatus, along with his two "tithe wenches", Carmen and Kora, scour the countryside investigating the bizarre and unexplained.

Another star vehicle for Carmen, this time placing her in a less prominent role, in a decidedly sillier series. I worked on this with Jeff Kwan.


The next big craze: A Latina-Spice-Girls grrl band. They were looking for some character designs for themselves. eStudio gave them bunch of drawings, but the girls always seemed to return to a "Powerpuff Girls" motif.

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