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I worked at eStudio for about 9 months from mid-2000 to spring 2001 as a "Storyboard/Layout Artist, Flash Animator, and Illustrator," which translates into "do whatever you have to to get the job done."

I had the great opportunity to work with some remarkably talented animators whose names you'll see peppered throughout this section. logo


A high-powered New York Attorney becomes a six-foot rat overnight. Inside, he's still his same rotten self.

A project that had me working under tight deadlines to complete storyboards, art direction, character designs, and miscellanea for upwards of four episodes at a time.
Gary the Rat logo


A music video parody series that won several awards and nominations.

I storyboarded and did character design and animation for the most recognized one, "I Want a Fat Babe," which poked fun at the Backstreet Boys.


A few projects that were in various stages of gestation when I wasn't drawing giant rats, including some proposals for a Carmen Electra online series [pictured right], and some sketches for the next big Latina grrl band.

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