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  Home > Portfolio > was a dot com that sold entertainment products including video games and action figures, and specialized in Asian wares. Their entertainment branch, NeoGlyphix, produced an online animated series Virtex, which was to be followed by Plastique and Hamburger Girl, among others.

I did freelance art for them in the last quarter of 1999, and joined them as a Concept Artist in February 2000. We worked mostly on the Virtex animated series until June of 2000, when ActionAce closed its doors.


Part man, part machine, Virtex bought his own style of justice to the MadLands, where past, present, and future collided. His mission: to capture the dozen or so most wanted criminals.

His first story arc where he faced off against Harvester, Queen of the Dead, lasted four episodes.

I did character designs, storyboarding, layout art, lettering, and animation for this short-lived series.


Girls just want to have fun. When youg Scotty is befriended by an action-figure come to life, his life gets really interesting.

I worked on every aspect of Plastique from character and logo design, to storyboarding and art direction.


Occasionally, I was called on to do other promotional art, including this mecha and other characters.

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